What in the Heck is Twitter? (Reloaded)

By LLC (other events)

Friday, October 29 2010 11:30 AM 1:30 PM EDT
With all of the media buzzing about Twitter, more people are logging on to check it out. Inevitably, you look at a random post, “Going out to the BBQ to throw a steak on. MMM…" and wonder whether this is just another Internet fad. Twitter has grown from a social media darling to a powerful force in the world.

In this workshop you will learn how businesses are using Twitter to provide customer service, to engage customers directly, to prospect for new customers and to find partners. We will discuss techniques to become a Twitter power-user, methods for expanding your network of followers, and tools that can make your Twitter experience much more enjoyable and powerful. We will also be looking at how Twitter has evolved and how this can be used competitively for your business.

Topics include:

- Twitter Fundamentals
- Business Case Studies
- Monitoring and Search
- Finding Communities
- Connecting with Prospects, Partners and Customers
- Mobile Twitter, Location

This event is designed for the marketing or sales professional that wants to use Twitter as a part of their marketing efforts.